Our company specializes in manual metalworking, welding metal alloys, weldments production, steel and plastics manual and CNC machining and welding for more than 20 years.

Manual metalworking – low volume manufacture / prototype production

We provide manual metalworking and machining using a wide range of machining tools. The advantage of manual metalworking and machining is to produce low volume products (starting from one piece). At the same time we guarantee high quality machining for both simple and demanding parts. We usually mill and drill materials in three-axis up to a diameter of 200 mm and length of 1000 mm. We also employ horizontal machining centres. We mill and drill weldments or cast iron up to one ton. Our technologies allow us to perform various renovations of machines and equipment that are used in industry. Read more.

CNC machining / milling / lathes – high volume production

CNC metal and plastics machining is one of the basic activities of our company. To accelerate and improve the quality of products we use various CNC machining tools, such as CNC lathes to produce different rotational parts and CNC milling. These allows us to perform every work, from drilling, lathes, threading, milling demanding parts using adjustable spindle, circular or rectangular pocketing and many others. The advantage of CNC machining is very precise and high quality production meeting customer time requirements. Read more.


Assembly uses our strongest point of our company – manual and CNC machining, milling and drilling of steel and nonsteel materials. We use many methods, such as TIG, MIG, MIG-MAG PULSE PULSE + MAG, MIG-MAG, MMA and also manufacturing and welding of plastic parts. These methods allow us to weld different materials such as steel, stainless steel materials, plastics and others. Read more.