CNC metal machining


CNC metal machining is one of the basic activities of our company. We use CNC machining centres and tools. These include CNC turning and CNC milling. CNC machining is perfect for high volume production, but we also provide manual metal machining for low volume production (read more). The advantage of CNC machining is very precise and high quality production meeting customer time requirements. At the same time we guarantee precise machining for both simple and demanding parts.

CNC milling

CNC milling is possible using the NC and CNC in sizes up to (1016 mm x-axis, y-axis 610 mm Z-axis 660 mm). These allows us to perform every work, from drilling, lathes, threading, milling demanding parts using adjustable spindle, circular or rectangular pocketing and many others. CNC milling allows grooving of the internal holes and outer shafts. Milling is perfect for high volume production as well as for conventional low volume production.

We can provide machined products with additional technological modifications from grinding to refining.

CNC turning

We use CNC lathes for rotary machining of various steel or plastic materials. Commonly demanded product width is 200 mm. However, we can machine even larger diameters. CNC turning is adapted for high volume production. Price differs with number of machined products.

The materials we machine:

We work within machining operations (turning, cutting, milling, etc.) with metallic and non-metallic materials. A listing of some materials we work with:

  • plastics (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF …)
  • Duralumin alloys
  • stainless steel materials
  • structural steel
  • stainless steel
  • tempered steel
  • tool steel
  • aluminum
  • titanium
  • and non-ferrous metals

Transportation – customer use its own transportation or we transport machined products using logistics agencies (DHL, FedEx, PPL, Czech Post Office …).