Locksmith services

We offer a large amount of locksmith services for industrial usethe assembly and disassembly of industrial buildings, weldments manufacture, all for the industrial use.

We also focus on the manual metal work including the manufacture and assembly of steel constructions, window bars, door grilles, gates and door parts, garage doors, gates, fences, barriers, stairs and staircases and stair railings, racks and shelves, brackets, beams, containers, ramps , roofing, metal roofs and shelters, billboards, benches and others. Metalwork and assembly are often performed with various welding methods.

A brief selection of common locksmith services

  • STAIRS are made of various materials (mostly steel and stainless steel) with different grids, and atypical dimensions or steel plates.
  • RAILINGS are made of standard steel, which can be galvanized or fitted with epoxy or paint. We also provide stainless steel railings.
  • DOOR BARS, window bars or balconies bars are produced according to your design or by agreement.
  • FENCES including posts production and assembly. Fences can be both steel and stainless steel, which are fitted with zinc plating, powder coating and various paints. We often use various forged components that can be chosen by customer.
  • DOORS and GATES are manufactured from steel or stainless steel material. The door can be electric, which allows the customer to easily control it remotely or manually. Various technological modifications are used to protect the surface of the door – e.g. galvanization, epoxy or paints.


Our company manufactures a wide range of weldments for chemical operations (for example, electroplating). We manufacture different plastic tanks, reservoirs, and other types of weldments.

The size of welded objects is limited only by transportation logistics. If necessary, we perform a variety of welding and assembly for customers. These include larger objects that would be logistically difficult to transport.

ROOFING smaller spaces

Roofing of smaller spaces and awnings are made in the following versions using:

  • sheet
  • armored glass
  • Makrolon (polycarbonate) laminate
  • corrugated iron – the most common

Surface treatments

We offer the following surface treatments:

  • Bezpovrchový???
  • paints
  • comaxit
  • zinc