We specialize on small-volume production of big amount of components. These are used for simple-purpose machines and other prototypes.

All are high quality products. We deliver them to our customers according to their needs.

We provide thermal and surface modification of products.


We provide large-volume CNC manufacture for rotating elements and elements used for 3-axis machining.

The manufacturing possibilities are suitable for more difficult production, which is necessary to combine with other technologies. (welding, forming, precision wire cutting, etc.)

We deliver every element with thermal and surface modification.


Technologies for
3D machines

Our company actively uses CAM technologies for 3D machining. Thanks to the CAM, we can machine difficult-shaped 3D components,which require drilling a large amount of holes, pockets and other gaps.


CNC turning
and milling

We use CNC turning and 3-axis milling so we can machine small but also huge elements for small-volume and large-volume production.


We use technology of table horizontal borers, which are great for prototype production and large-volume production.

We machine weldments, casts and machine desks via the borers. These are complemented by cannon drilling technology for drilling deep holes.



We weld steel, stainless steel and plastic constructions. We can machine the weldments and deliver them with surface modification as a final product. We can also assemble manufactured components. Examples of the components:


We deal with custom bending of profiles (pipes, steels, flatters) and bowing of small and larger components, so we can machine or weld them.

We can deliver these components with surface modification (galvanizing, varnishing)
On customer’s request we assemble them into the complete set.



We deal with the montage of produced components and assemble them into manufactured machines. Final products are delivered to the place specified by the customer.

KVK Technology

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